Who Am I?

After joining the card community on Instagram in November of 2018, I would have never guessed how much I would fall in love with playing cards! I've always been interested in close up card magic and magic in general but this is when my passion really sprouted. After seeing decks being produced by other creators, I realized that I wanted to make a difference...Even if I only made a difference in one person's life.

If you're familiar with my products, you'll probably be quick to notice that all of the decks of cards I create have an underlying theme of strength, positivity, perseverance and happiness. These are messages I like to portray within my projects because I hope to inspire others and/or to make people feel less alone.

Now, to some people it's simply a deck of cards...and that's okay! But over the years I have received countless messages about how my cards have helped others... And that is my whole goal! I like creating projects with meaning and I will continue to do so for as long as I can!

While I personally love decks of cards that have a minimalistic back design, I also enjoy producing playing cards that look amazing when fanned! Because of this, I do create many decks that have broken borders.

This community has been amazing and I promise to keep making decks of playing cards for as long as I can!