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Lighthouse Dusk Playing Cards

Lighthouse Dusk Playing Cards

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Manufactured by WJPC, Lighthouse Dusk is printed on 300gsm Germany Black Core Paper with Air Linen Finish and Butter Varnishing. This makes sure the cards are smooth and able to hold up over long periods of time. I started handling this stock recently and I'm honestly obsessed! It's definitely my new favorite stock and I recommend it to everybody. This is the same stock that I used for Holographic Nebula and Cold Case!

  • Two-Way Back Design
  • Custom Ace of Spades
  • Pips are Recolored to Orange and Purple to Match Back Design
  • Duplicate Jokers-Perfect for Tricks/Routines!
  • Custom Courts
  • Extra Card with Reveal and Double Backer


Produced by Boschiero & Newton, this specialty tuck definitely fits the elegance of the deck!

  • This specialty tuck will feature a durable, purple cardboard paper
  • A foiled beam of light will wrap around to the back of the tuck saying, "Be the light"
  • The lighthouse and words will be embossed
  • Inner tuck printing will feature a pattern of silver foiled lighthouses
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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
LightHouse Dusk

There's something special about silver stamped foil on a purple tuck that makes it feel so majestic. That's where this new deck release starts. The new colors make the back design feel like a sunrise, and the broken borders do really well with them. This isn't just a recolor of the Beacon deck, though. The stock feels really nice and is a joy to handle. I don't remember who she used to print these, but the new deck order is a little different, so it's obviously not the same as the Beacon release. The custom courts with seahorses are fun. There's duplicate jokers, which always pleases the magician in me, but I am spoiled with not only a double backer, but a double backer with an alternate design. Perfect for those tricks you would do with a red/blue double backer on a standard deck. It even has a little 7H reveal in it. Another well thought out release. 🥰