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Bloom Sapphire Playing Cards

Bloom Sapphire Playing Cards

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Printed by WJPC, Bloom Sapphire is printed on 300gsm Germany Black Core Paper. This makes sure the cards are durable and smooth and also hold up over long periods of time. I just started handling this stock and I'm honestly obsessed! It's definitely my new favorite stock! 

  • Two Way, Borderless Back Design
  • Custom Courts
  • Identical Jokers
  • Custom Aces-Bouquet of Flowers in Shape of Pips
  • Double Backer and Blank Card Included
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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
Bloom Sapphire

The tuck box for this deck is absolutely stunning! 😍
The blue foil on heavy stock is classy af and surpasses the quality of even theory11. As for the cards themselves, I am very happy she has gone for a borderless design. The fans look great with it! The flowers are beautiful and combined in a somewhat somber fashion. The varying shades of blue put out a sense of calm. The courts feel like they tell a story of romance. The duplicate jokers watering flowers with that one blooming off color hits the soul just right. Emily is a true artist when it comes to producing cards and this deck really captures that.

Exceptional deck. Might be her best deck yet

Bloom Sapphire just might be Emily’s best work yet. The tuck is elegant with a hint of foil. The cards are something to behold. The flowery borderless card backs are outstanding and create a beautiful fan. The pips used on the number cards are beautifully custom have a unique shape and color. The jokers and court cards are life like and beautifully colored. I can’t say enough about this deck if you don’t own it yet do yourself a favor and buy the deck. You will not be disappointed.

Amazing deck!

Recently had the Bloom Sapphire decks arrive from the Kickstarter fulfillment and I was absolutely blown away! The artwork is flawless and I love the creativity in the deck design! The blue foil on the tuck is perfect as well! Just enough to stand out and be elegant but not too much that it over powers the tuck case! If you don’t have this deck, you NEED to get a few to enjoy!

David Caywood
Explored a lot of product, but this…?

I entered card collecting slowly, unsure of what was out there. I began with the gilded supernova deck and it was the first deck I actually opened from the cellophane. I really couldn’t believe how above the market the quality was. I learned about her personal investment in her mental health messaging and found her commitment to her creations to be totally unique in this medium.. After a year or so I have essentially all she has done, including her collector boxes, culminating in the Bloom gilded collector pair in box. It is amazing that after so many successful projects decks and campaign, this deck is literally her best. There is no more beautiful card back anywhere and every court has a character which is at once lovely and formidable. Each ace is a fine, fine elegant assemblage of smaller imaging and the gilding? Well the silver and blue complement each other in as dreamy and fluid an embrace as any deck available. The collector box is appropriately ornate right down to its fantastical font. Dont just get this deck or collector box. Let it lead you into the experience of her craft.. As a mental health advocate, Emily Sleights investment into encouragement is more valuable than any deck ever created. - a designer more worthy of patronage than any other..

Perfection in every sense of the word!

Emily has YET to disappoint with her wonderful and elegant designs in each and every deck she produces. I own every deck that has been offered for sale and on kickstarter and it’s almost impossible to pick just ONE favorite. Her commitment to quality in everything she does is incomparable! If you’re on the fence about purchasing this deck, DO it! You won’t be disappointed