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Nebula Supernova Playing Cards

Nebula Supernova Playing Cards

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The first deck of Nebula Playing Cards launched in March of 2021. The real star of that project was that it funded in just under 2 minutes. 

The inspiration that lead to the design for the first edition was based upon a quote from T.S. Eliot: "Every moment is a fresh beginning," reminding you of the rebirth of galaxies and the possibility of being able to start over. 

That deck went on to win Portfolio52's "Best Cardistry Deck of 2021!" 

Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company, Nebula Supernova is printed on their Premium Thin Crushed Stock with Air Cushion Finish. This paper stock and finish will make sure the decks are silky, smooth, durable and hold up great over time. Also they of course-feel fantastic!

  • Two-Way Back Design

  • Signature 1/4 (Quarter) Border

  • Custom Courts

  • Custom Pips

  • Custom Ace of Spades

  • Identical Jokers

  • As requested, a Double Back Card & Blank Card. Allowing you to create more "Out of this world" cardistry, mind blowing magic and so much more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
A new twist on a classic favorite!

A beautiful fire orange and yellow recolor of the original release. This was put out in tandem with the Infinium release. Both decks compliment the series well. A must have for any collector.

Supernova might be my favorite of the Nebula series

I own every edition of the Nebula series. I believe Supernova is my favorite. The use of darker colors on the card backs and faces really stand out. As with all the Nebula decks the card backs create a beautiful fan and the custom faces are gorgeous.

A classic turned fiery

The famous nebula design turned a fiery orange

Heather Miller
Beautiful Quality

Cards are not only gorgeous to look at, they hold up well to repeat shuffling and use with our cribbage set. Highly recommend these cards.

Nebula is fantastic!

This series is amazing! Love the way the design spills over the border to give it a borderless feel! I’m a sucker for a good deck fan and this one is perfect! 10/10 on this one for sure!