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11th Hour Gold Gilded

11th Hour Gold Gilded

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Experience the pinnacle of playing card craftsmanship with our premium poker-sized deck, meticulously crafted using the iconic Bicycle Stock with an Air Cushion Finish. This deck, produced by the renowned United States Playing Card Company, elevates your card game to new heights.

Each card is a masterpiece of subtlety and elegance, featuring a one-way back design bordered traditionally, enhancing the classic feel. The deck comprises 55 fully marked cards, where each back reveals both the suit and value—a magician's delight. Additionally, a special card included explains this unique marking system for ease of use.

The visual appeal is striking, with a deep, rich red adorning the pips and faces, lending an air of sophistication. Our deck also pays homage to icons of the magic and cardistry world - Bill Davis Magic, EmilySleights52, and Daniel Madison appear as court cards, each intricately recolored and depicted with pocket watches frozen at the symbolic time of 11:11.

Adding to the magic are two custom-designed Jokers, each bearing a secret reveal and marked backs, perfect for surprising and delighting your audience.

The packaging of this deck is a work of art in itself. Encased in a luxurious, velvet-soft black vellum tuck, the box shimmers with gold foil both inside and out, courtesy of Gambler's Warehouse's exquisite craftsmanship. The phrases "Play Your Last Hand Well" and "Countdown has begun" adorn the exterior, hinting at the deck's mysterious and captivating nature. Inside, the phrase "Game Over" in gold foil awaits, adding an element of intrigue.

This deck isn't just a set of playing cards; it's an experience, a collector's item, and a tool for magicians and card enthusiasts alike. Whether you're performing, playing, or adding to your collection, this deck promises to captivate, enchant, and inspire. Don't miss out on owning a piece of cardistry art. Elevate your card game and be the envy of your peers with this exquisite deck.
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