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11th Hour Gold Playing Cards

11th Hour Gold Playing Cards

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The Cards:

High quality, standard poker-sized cards on Classic Bicycle Stock with Air Cushion Finish printed by the United States Playing Card Company

  • Subtle one-way back design

  • Traditional border

  • 55 fully marked backs (suit & value)

  • A card that explains the marking system

  • A classy deep red on the pips and faces

  • MOSTLY standard Bicycle faces: All courts are recolored and holding pocket watches frozen at 11:11. Bill Davis Magic, EmilySleights52 and Daniel Madison are presented as courts as well

  • 2 custom reveal Jokers (also marked)

The Tuck:

Housed in a gorgeous, velvet-soft black vellum specialty tuck with GOLD foil inside and out (Produced by Gambler's Warehouse)

  • "Play Your Last Hand Well" can be seen on the back of the tuck

  • Flap says "Countdown has begun" (Version One said "Countdown begins now.")

  • "Game Over" can be seen in gold foil on the inside of the bottom of the tuck

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