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Holographic Foiled Nebula

Holographic Foiled Nebula

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Won Best Cardistry Deck in Portfolio 52's 2023 Deck of the Year Awards

When I came up with the idea for Nebula, the phrase "new beginnings" came to my mind because I was thinking about the rebirth of stars and galaxies. The thought of being able to start over and grow into something better stuck with me. To me, this deck means that you are always able to keep progressing to be the best version of yourself. "Every moment is a fresh beginning."- T.S. Eliot

  • Two way back design

  • 1/4 border

  • Completely custom courts

  • Custom pips

  • Custom ace of spades

  • Identical jokers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Holo foil takes it to another level

The deck was already great, adding this foil effect complements it perfecty!
All about the space and cosmos theme of it benefit from the foil.
Once received it was way better than what I imagined

Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
The best made better..

How do you take a famed release like the Nebulas and make them better? Add holographic foiling, of course! A well-rounded deck for cardistry, magic, and gaming -- now with extra eye candy! Emily has painstakingly found quality stock for these. Unlike other holographic decks, the card stock still 'works' on these. Any enthusiast who has handled these will understand. They bend and feel as good as they look. Absolutely amazing release!

Pibs .
Most Beautiful Deck in my Collection

There is no other deck I've ever seen which compares to the sheer beauty of these cards. Concept and design are all top notch, and they handle great too!


Great quality cards, loved the holographic shine.

Best Deck Ever!!!

I am in love with these cards. Single most beautiful deck of cards EVER!!