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Nebula Playing Cards V1

Nebula Playing Cards V1

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Won “Best Cardistry Deck” in Portfolio 52's 2021 "Deck of the Year Awards"

When I came up with the idea for Nebula, the phrase "new beginnings" came to my mind because I was thinking about the rebirth of stars and galaxies. The thought of being able to start over and grow into something better stuck with me. To me, this deck means that you are always able to keep progressing to be the best version of yourself. "Every moment is a fresh beginning."- T.S. Eliot

Manufactured by USPCC, Nebula Playing Cards is printed on their Premium Crushed Thin Paper Stock. This will ensure that the cards are not only highly durable, but will also feel great!

  • Two way back design

  • 1/4 border

  • Completely custom courts

  • Custom pips

  • Custom ace of spades

  • Identical jokers

  • Double back card

  • King/Queen gaff card

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Customer Reviews

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Stefani Hayes
Gorgeous cards and handle beautifully !

This Nebula deck was my first deck of cards by Emily. They’re beautiful, they handle so well, the stock is just what I like, and they remain one of my favorite decks of cards in my collection. I’m an artist and I make flowers out of playing cards. Quality of the cards is super important for me in my craft in addition to beautiful design… After receiving this deck- I’ve been collecting all decks with Emily’s name on them. Fantastic addition to any collection!

This deck was born for cardistry

Deck quality is great (as expected), detailed design yet minimalistic, awesome for cardistry and collecting.
The back design kills it when fanning!
Couldn't be happier with it 5*

Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
The OG best

Nebulas are the OG best. While not her first deck, they certainly skyrocketed Emily into playing card designer fame. If you're into cardistry, these are a must because of the broken borders. If you're into flourishing and magic, these make amazing fans. If you're into collecting, these have a beautiful back with high appeal. The colors work well for just playing games too. A must have for enthusiasts of any kind!

Nebula belongs in every card collection

When I started collecting playing cards, the community was buzzing about the Nebula deck. I soon purchased them deck from Emily. I’m super glad I did. This deck is a beautiful custom deck en every way. The card backs are beautifully colored and creates wonderful fan. The number cards and especially the court cards are all custom colored. This deck belongs in every card collection.

An absolute classic

When one thinks of excellent cardistry decks one cannot omit Nebula. The flowing design represents itself with every fan, showing the beauty and versatility of such an inspired design.