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Lighthouse Beacon Playing Cards

Lighthouse Beacon Playing Cards

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Won "Best Fan" in Portfolio 52's 2023 Deck of the Year Awards

Beacon Playing Cards is based off of the theme of "finding light in the darkness". I felt that the definition of what a beacon is perfectly fits this deck and the positive message I want to portray. On the tuck it states, "Be the light." I enjoy the hope of being the light during someone's dark times.

Manufactured by USPCC, Lighthouse: Beacon is printed on their Classic Bicycle Stock with Air Cushion Finish.

• Two-way back design

• Broken border (great for fans)

• Custom Ace of Spades

• Two identical jokers

• An additional joker with a reveal (perfect for tricks)

• All red pips are changed to a deeper, classy red

• Double Back included

• All courts are custom and represent lighthouse keepers

• The background of the courts resemble a topographical map

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