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Lighthouse Beacon Playing Cards

Lighthouse Beacon Playing Cards

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Won "Best Fan" in Portfolio 52's 2023 Deck of the Year Awards

Beacon Playing Cards is based off of the theme of "finding light in the darkness". I felt that the definition of what a beacon is perfectly fits this deck and the positive message I want to portray. On the tuck it states, "Be the light." I enjoy the hope of being the light during someone's dark times.

Manufactured by USPCC, Lighthouse: Beacon is printed on their Classic Bicycle Stock with Air Cushion Finish.

• Two-way back design

• Broken border (great for fans)

• Custom Ace of Spades

• Two identical jokers

• An additional joker with a reveal (perfect for tricks)

• All red pips are changed to a deeper, classy red

• Double Back included

• All courts are custom and represent lighthouse keepers

• The background of the courts resemble a topographical map

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Customer Reviews

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Stefani Hayes
I stare at the artwork in awe

The tuck box is stunning and so classy and the cards inside handle just as nicely. These are amazing cards. The artwork breaks the borders in such a clever and beautiful way that I find myself staring at them for so long, lol. I’m very proud to have this deck in my collection.

Couldn't ask for any better!

This is fire! 🔥 The box is so simple and elegant. Perfect on my shelf!
Back design breaks the border wich, for cardisty, creates a nice effect

The Beacons playing cards!

The Beacons are absolutely stunning, with vibrant, detailed artwork that makes each card a joy to look at. The cards are high-quality, shuffle smoothly, and feel great in your hands, perfect for any game. The unique theme of guidance and inspiration adds a nice touch, making this deck not just fun to play with, but also a bit special. Whether you’re playing, collecting, or just showing off to friends, “The Beacons” deck is a great choice!

Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
LightHouse Beacon

This is the 2023 Deck of the Year for Best Fan for a reason.

The velvet blue vellum tuck is printed with a wraparound design both inside and out, and enhanced with two shades of gold foil. 😎 The double broken borders on the cards make for sweet fans depending on the direction they are oriented in. 😍 Much detail has gone into the custom courts. Nice reveal in the jokers. The pips and indices have perfect color to them. There's so much to rave about! This is one of those posts where I wish I wasn't limited to ten photos to show how great these are! I am absolutely in love with this design. I thought her Nebula deck would be hard to beat, but this one is her best yet.

Shine your light

I love the theme of this deck, be a Beacon. Once again, great handling cards, they are a joy to play with!