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Elevation: Day Edition Playing Cards

Elevation: Day Edition Playing Cards

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Following the Night Edition, Elevation Day is about the positive and "upward" points of life! Printed by Cartamundi, this deck features a broken border that looks beautiful when fanned.


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Customer Reviews

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Grateful to have it!

It goes toe to toe with the night version (have that as well). The subtle changes to the original design give it a fresh fell. Lighter tones fit well with the design

Dope Cards

One of my favorite decks that will always be a go to whenever I'm out.

Fantastic deck!

Handles great just out of the box and beautifully designed.
Above all Emily is awesome, very communicative and kind.
Don't sleep on it and get this deck!

Todd Merrifield (Lonely Jokers Playing Cards)
A Great Lightly Colored Deck

I don't often find decks (or tucks) in lighter colors that I really enjoy, but the Elevation deck (DAY) is just so beautiful, I can't help but return to it for use! The symmetry of the mountain design on the backs is stunning, and the traditional courts and pips on the faces is nicely refreshing! A great deck to spark conversation around a Texas Hold-em game!!


Emily has YET to disappoint with her wonderful and elegant designs in each and every deck she produces. I own every deck that has been offered for sale and on kickstarter and it’s almost impossible to pick just ONE favorite. Her commitment to quality in everything she does is incomparable! If you’re on the fence about purchasing this deck, DO it! You won’t be disappointed