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Cold Case Playing Cards with Evidence Bag

Cold Case Playing Cards with Evidence Bag

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Each deck comes in an evidence bag

Cold Case is printed on 300gsm Germany Black Core Paper. This makes sure the cards are durable and smooth and also hold up over long periods of time. I just started handling this stock recently and I'm honestly obsessed! It's definitely my new favorite stock!

  • Two-Way Back Design

  • Red Pips are Changed to Orange

  • Courts are Custom (But Resemble Standard Courts) and Imitate Mug Shots

  • All of the Ace's Pips are Fingerprints

  • 2 Custom Jokers: One is a "Wanted Poster" (With a Reveal) and the Other Mimics a Toe Tag That They Put on Victims in the Morgue

  • Double Back included as an extra card, as well as a mysterious letter sent to the investigating officers 

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