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Cold Case Playing Cards with Evidence Bag

Cold Case Playing Cards with Evidence Bag

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Each deck comes in an evidence bag

Solve the Crime…..

Cold Case is printed on 300gsm Germany Black Core Paper. This makes sure the cards are durable and smooth and also hold up over long periods of time. I just started handling this stock recently and I'm honestly obsessed! It's definitely my new favorite stock!

  • Two-Way Back Design

  • Red Pips are Changed to Orange

  • Courts are Custom (But Resemble Standard Courts) and Imitate Mug Shots

  • All of the Ace's Pips are Fingerprints

  • 2 Custom Jokers: One is a "Wanted Poster" (With a Reveal) and the Other Mimics a Toe Tag That They Put on Victims in the Morgue

  • Double Back included as an extra card, as well as a mysterious letter sent to the investigating officers 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
A great deck of cards, and a puzzle too!

Emily has done it again! Full of secrets, this amazing deck is wonderfully themed and includes a puzzle to solve. It's extra special to me as Emily included my name on the toe-tag ad card. 😎🤐

I colloquially call these the Murder Deck. The back design is bold and will definitely draw attention. Great for magic routines involving storytelling. The broken border with the crime scene tape will add to any routine using fans.

For those wondering how to start with the puzzle, here's a hint: try looking at the deck under UV-light.

Tim Moeslein
One has to be Sherlock to fully solve this case

I purchased this deck after hearing Emily's interview on Penquin Magic with Erik Tait. The deck is beautiful and well crafted. I mostly purchased it because my wife is a puzzle fan during the interview Emily implied that there were clues to solving the crime within the deck. My wife is stumped as to where to start.

Very creative

Love this theme and the way you crafted the deck around it. Once again great handling cards. The packaging is awesome with the evidence bag. Love it!!!

You think you have the detective smarts?

They this one and help solve one of the biggest mystery in the Magic community....
Who killed Erdnase?
Grab one and see if you can solve this cold case!

A mystery AND a deck of cards?!?

Emily has YET to disappoint with her wonderful and elegant designs in each and every deck she produces. I own every deck that has been offered for sale and on kickstarter and it’s almost impossible to pick just ONE favorite. Her commitment to quality in everything she does is incomparable! If you’re on the fence about purchasing this deck, DO it! You won’t be disappointed