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Chapter Two Playing Cards

Chapter Two Playing Cards

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Manufactured by USPCC, Chapter Two is printed on their Premium Bee Stock with Air Cushion Finish. This ensures that the cards are not only durable, but will also feel great!

  • Two way back design

  • Recolored courts (All courts are holding a feathered, calligraphy pen)

  • Custom ace of spades

  • 3 jokers: two identical and one with an 8 of hearts reveal

  • Double back card

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matthew Burdine / Levi Magic
Got me through some tough times..

Emily always puts out cards with an inspiring theme. I credit Emily's work on this one with helping me through some tough times personally. The message of moving on, a reinvention, a Chapter Two.. it really focused me.

I really appreciate the minimalist design, especially for magic. Sometimes spectators give an untrusting eye when a deck with fully custom courts and pips are used, even if it's not gaffed in any way. These are one of my favorites for doing magic with; the duplicate jokers and reveal in the ink spill make them as useful as they are artistic.

Simple, elegant, perfect

Emily has YET to disappoint with her wonderful and elegant designs in each and every deck she produces. I own every deck that has been offered for sale and on kickstarter and it’s almost impossible to pick just ONE favorite. Her commitment to quality in everything she does is incomparable! If you’re on the fence about purchasing this deck, DO it! You won’t be disappointed